Liberty Construction Services has a team of construction professionals, many with over 25 years of experience in Healthcare Construction. Our teams have worked in many of the top hospitals in Boston, as well as many others throughout New England. Our project teams are fully trained on ICRA elements and containment practices, and exhibit the level of professionalism necessary to work in an active hospital.

Brigham & Women’s Hospital is the largest hospital of the Longwood Medical and Academic Area in Boston, Massachusetts. Liberty has performed various scopes of work throughout the Brigham and Women’s Campus ranging from containment to select demolition to final cleaning. Our team understands the specific needs of this hospital, allowing us to perform our work with minimal impact to hospital operations. Liberty’s emergency response protocol was tested recently at this hospital, when a water line burst inside a fan coil, causing 6 floors of patient rooms and laboratory space to flood. Liberty received the call to respond and was able to mobilize over 70 carpenters and laborers, and a full equipment setup to perform the clean-up, dehumidification, demolition, and reconstruction of all the affected areas. Liberty’s quick response was critical to limiting the damage, and returning the affected areas back into operation.

Brigham & Women's Hospital - Boston, MA

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